Grapefruit Sound Lab has honed an eclectic and infectious sound that pays tribute to many classic influences

all while being refreshingly modern...


There is an undeniable immediacy, fluidity and inherent familiarity that is driving, narcotic and invigorating. Grapefruit Sound Lab is pensive, self-referential and philosophical with themes about pleasure seeking, wandering souls, loss, pride, jealousy, redemption, salvation, and the struggle between faith and fact, spirit and mind, good and evil.

The mood is always thoughtful, sentimental and celebratory,

seducing listeners with sinuous and ardently uptempo grooves...


This is 

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Produced by Robert Cotnoir


Personnel, past and present:

Tomoko Akaboshi violin

Amuka – vocals

Philip Caporaso – lyrics, vocals

Andrew Deitch – lyrics, vocals, synthesizers

Robert Dombrower – vocals, guitar

Matt Hochberg – synthesizers

Layonne Holmes – vocals

Fung Chern Hwei violin

Jopama – guitar

Ron Lawrence – viola

Alexandra Madden – vocals

Tristan Marzeski – percussion

Shawn Muldoon – lyrics, vocals

Sarah Naughton – vocals

Richard Sperrazza – guitar

Andrew Synowiec – guitar, Irish bouzouki

Tomas Ulrich – violoncello

Gina Volpe – guitar

Edla “Cajun Bob” Wilson – lyrics, vocals

Kristine Winnik – vocals

With remixes by:

Alan bd



Jack Chang

Jimmy DePre

Joel Dickinson

Dirty Disco

John Michael DiSpirito

Lorant Duzgun


Dave Godin

Paul Goodyear


James Anthony

Pressure Kitten

 Danny Morris

Rich Morel


W. Jeremy


Dance Music Synthpop Electronic Music Producer

Electronica House Music